Probation and Court Services 

Mission Statement
Building stronger families and safer communities by utilizing proven methods.  Promoting positive behavioral change through assessment, treatment, rehabilitative services, and enforcement.


  • Advocating for Victims, Families, and Communities
  • Encouraging Community-Based Partnerships
  • Holding Offenders Accountable
  • Promoting Development of High Quality Officers and Personnel
  • Protecting the Public's Primary Interest is in Safety.
  • Providing Out-come Driven Services and Quality Programs
The Probation and Court Services Department is located within the Woodford County Courthouse Annex and is charged with the responsibility of providing safe, effective probation services for adult and juvenile offenders some which includes; drug testing, curfew checks, public safety work, domestic violence counseling, adult and youth education classes, felony DNA testing, victim impact panels, global positioning, juvenile secure detention, juvenile diversion, and pre-sentencing investigations for adult and juvenile cases.

Probation & Court Services

The Bill of Rights of the Constitution on the State of Illinois, at Article 1, Section 11 states: "All penalties shall be determined both according to the seriousness of the offense and with the objective of restoring the offender to useful citizenship." Consistent with the constitutional concept of "restorative justice," Illinois law (730 ILCS May 5, 2006-01) requires a presumption of probation in the consideration of sentencing options, and the majority of convicted offenders are, in fact, sentenced to probation. As the sentence of choice in Illinois, probation is a cost effective alternative to imprisonment that can serve the ends of justice, provide for the safety of society, and restore offenders to useful and productive lives.

Court Services is the largest component of the community correctional element of the criminal justice system. In Illinois, Court Services is under control of the judicial branch of government. Each Court Services department is responsible to the Chief Judge of the Judicial Circuit.