Care Trak System

Care Trak System for Woodford County 

Care Trak created TELEMETRY-BASED TRACKING for people at risk. Since 1986, our equipment has located thousands of ALZHEIMER’S WANDERERS and children with special needs such as AUTISM, DOWN SYNDROME, and other conditions, and brought them home safely. We work directly with Emergency Management and Law Enforcement Agencies providing reliable equipment that not only will give peace of mind, but help avoid losing time when it matters most.


Care Trak created telemetry-based people-tracking in 1986. When it comes to tracking people at risk, telemetry is the preferred technology because not only is it the least expensive solution, it’s also highly accurate, with the ability to track within inches of the lost person, day or night, inside or outside. Our expertise comes from our parent company, Wildlife Materials, Inc., which has been making tracking equipment for locating, protecting, and monitoring endangered species around the world for over 50 years.

Telemetry tracking is not an overly-complicated technology, using radio waves much like your local broadcast radio station sends a signal to your car or clock radio. When the handheld directional antenna plugged into the receiver is in line with the transmitter worn by the person at risk, the radio-tracking signal comes in stronger and louder. By simply following the strong radio signal, you will be led to the person’s location. Although only minor improvements have been made with the technology over the last 60 years, the Care Trak telemetry system has proven itself to work over and over, much better than other available tracking options.

Since the radio signal goes through most walls and objects, you have the ability to locate the person at risk even inside a building. In addition, the sensitivity of Care Trak telemetry creates pinpoint accuracy with the capability of locating a lost person up to a mile away, day or night, inside or outside, 24/7.

This program is provided for citizens of Woodford County at no cost.

Please contact the Woodford County Emergency Management or Woodford County Sheriff’s Department at (309) 923-6611 or (309) 467-2375 for more information

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