Woodford County Health Department promotes the Illinois Tobacco Quitline. Through the Illinois Tobacco Quitline, Woodford County residents can receive free assistance and the necessary tools to help them successfully quit tobacco products for good. Residents can call 1-866-Quit-Yes or visit

Illinois Tobacco Free Communities (ITFC) 

Funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health, WCHD educates the community about the health benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle. WCHD assists with the creation and promotion of smoke-free/tobacco-free policies for multi-unit housing, outdoor spaces (parks, athletic fields, and outdoor events) and campuses (colleges, trade schools, businesses, and health care facilities). The grant includes community presentations, policy creation, signage and advertising. The ITFC grant promotes, "Live, Work, and Play Tobacco-Free" and works with regional partners in Peoria and Tazewell counties.    

Smoke-Free Illinois Act

The Woodford County Health Department educates the community about the 2008 Smoke Free Illinois Act, assists businesses with successful compliance, and enforces the Smoke-Free Illinois Act. "No Smoking" signage is required to be visible on all entryways of public places where smoking is prohibited under the 2008 Smoke Free Illinois Act. Free signage is available on the Smoke Free Illinois website. Information on Smoke-Free Illinois Act and submitting a violation complaint is listed below.

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For more information on smoking cessation or other tobacco programs, contact us at 309-467-3064.