Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)


The mission of the MRC is to strengthen and support public health emergency response efforts and community resiliency through education.

What is the MRC?

The Medical Reserve Corps is a national, community based movement that was established in 2002 in response to the president’s call for Americans to offer volunteer services in their communities. The MRC is designed to recruit, train, and mobilize willing members of the community who have the skills, knowledge, and desire to help others in need during a disaster.


Members of the Woodford County MRC with medical and non-medical backgrounds have the opportunity to partner with local first responders to protect Woodford County residents during public health emergencies and disasters.


The role of the MRC is:

  • To strengthen communities by establishing and maintaining a community based volunteer system.
  • To utilize the expertise of various healthcare and support personnel who can assist the existing public health infrastructure during a disaster or health emergency.
  • To provide a reserve capacity at the community level to respond to local health needs and priorities.
  • To supplement emergency services when a disaster of high magnitude occurs.

Promo Videos

MRC Short Video 


For more information on how to become a Woodford County Health Department (WCHD) MRC volunteer click here.