About Us

The Office of the Woodford County Sheriff is committed to providing the highest level of quality service. We seek to serve the citizens of Woodford County with integrity, honesty, fairness and pride. The goal of the Office of the Woodford County Sheriff is to assist all victims of crime efficiently and diligently, and strive to prevent further acts of violence and abuse. The following principles guides the Office of the Woodford County Sheriff:
  • To recognize that the law enforcement service provided must be responsive to the county's needs, and that the purpose of the Sheriff's Office, as a law enforcement agency, is to protect lives and property.
  • To accept responsibility for our actions, and to remain accountable to the citizens that the Office of the Sheriff serves.
  • To maintain the highest level of professionalism with an emphasis on both organizational and individual integrity.
  • To maintain an environment where there is no room for bias or prejudice.
  • To base decision-making and conduct on the policies and procedures set forth by the Office of the Sheriff.
  • To manage carefully the resources of the Office of the Woodford County Sheriff, and to be cognizant of the fact that we are accountable to the county we serve.

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