Clerk of the Circuit Court


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I am pleased to welcome you to our web site, which is designed to offer information about the Circuit Clerk ‘s office and help you to utilize the services and resources the Circuit Court Clerk and the 11th Judicial Circuit provide.

The Court Clerk is a constitutional officer elected every four years by the voters of Woodford County.  The duties and responsibilities of the Court Clerk are established by state statute, the Illinois Supreme Court and the local rules of the 11th Judicial Circuit.

The Circuit Clerk’s primary function is to establish, maintain and keep all records of the court and the official court seal.  In addition, the Court Clerk serves as the administrative arm of the Court and is responsible for all financial duties relating to the Court system.  All monies owed to the Court are collected and distributed by the Circuit Clerk.

Please use the information contained on this site to facilitate your inquiries regarding Court or Circuit Court Clerk information and procedures. 


The Clerk of the Circuit Court serves as the administrative arm of the court system. The Circuit Clerk is responsible for keeping the seal of the Circuit Court and all court records filed and heard in the Woodford County judicial system, including criminal and juvenile delinquency cases, ordinance, conservation, and traffic violation cases, as well as civil cases. On a daily basis, the office performs a broad range of duties, including collecting fines, costs, restitution, child support and maintenance, and fees and disbursing the monies to appropriate entities.

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for providing clerks and bailiffs for the courtrooms. The Circuit Clerk is also responsible for gathering and reporting statistical data to various law enforcement and state government bodies. In addition, the Circuit Clerk is the jury commissioner, summoning Woodford County citizens to jury duty.


The mission of the Circuit Clerks’ Office is to serve the citizens of Woodford County and the participants of the judiciary system in a timely and cost-effective manner, providing all court records, information, and services with courtesy, efficiency, and impartiality.