Links Policy

Linking to Woodford County's Website

You may link to any webpage on Woodford County's website without permission. We recommend that you confine these links to Woodford County's homepage or to the homepages of individual departments. If you are going to link to other web pages within Woodford County's website, you do so at your own risk. These pages may be removed or changed without notice. Pages on Woodford County's website that contain time sensitive content may be removed from the site when that information is no longer valid.

Links to Other Websites

Woodford County provides links to:
  • Other government agencies
  • Special purpose districts
  • Educational institutions (public and private)
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Police and fire departments
  • Newspapers that serve Woodford County
  • Not-for-profit organizations serving the community
Some links are provided to commercial websites that:
  • Provide useful information related to Woodford County
  • Provide additional information related to services offered by Woodford County departments and agencies
  • Participate in economic development partnerships with Woodford County
  • Are important to Woodford County's economic development

Requesting a Link

You may make a request to have your company/organization added to our main links page if your company or organization falls into one of the categories described above. Links are subject to review before being listed. Woodford County reserves the right to reject or remove links to any website if the site's content is inappropriate. Send your request to the Woodford County Coordinator.


Links to other websites are provided for convenience and information only. Woodford County assumes no responsibility for their content and does not endorse these websites or their organizations. Woodford County reserves the right to remove links to other websites at any time and without notice. Please read the Terms of Use statement for additional information.