Email Policy


Woodford County does not approve of SPAM also know as UCE (unsolicited commercial email). Woodford County does not send SPAM and it does not act as a relay point for SPAM from other mail servers.

To report SPAM problems related to Woodford County, send an email. Please attach the email in question in order to preserve all headers from the original message and send the message from an email account with a valid reply address.

Use of Email Addresses

On certain pages on its website, Woodford County does request email addresses. These email addresses will be used for the requested purpose only.

Mailing Lists

If email addresses are requested for the purpose of being added to a mailing list, Woodford County will follow these guidelines:
  • Each mailing list will describe what subscribers will receive and how often messages will be sent.
  • All new subscription requests will be verified either by sending an email message to the subscriber who must reply or by visiting a webpage to complete the subscription.
  • Subscribers can request removal from a mailing list via a webpage or by sending an email to a specific address.
  • Subscribers will be removed from a mailing list within one week of receiving the request.
  • A contact telephone number will be provided for each mailing list.
  • If email cannot be delivered to an address, the address will be removed from the mailing list.
  • Woodford County will not use a mailing list for any purpose other than what was originally intended.
  • Woodford County does not sell or redistribute mailing lists that it collects to any third party.
  • Woodford County will not add an email address to another mailing list other than the one requested.