City / Village Officials

Village of Bayview Gardens

Honorable Dennie Freres - Mayor
Phone - 

Village of Benson

Honorable Chris Mullins - President
Phone: 309-394-2204

Village of Congerville

Honorable Richard Bauman - President
Phone: 309-354-4228

City of El Paso

Honorable John Price- Mayor
Phone: 309-527-4205

City of Eureka

Honorable Eric Lind - Mayor
Phone: 309-467-2113

Village of Germantown Hills

Honorable Jeff DeGroot - President
Phone: 309-383-2209

Village of Goodfield

Honorable Jim Edwards - President
Phone: 309-965-2517

Village of Kappa

Honorable Donald McKinley Jr.  - President
Phone: 309-242-7663

Village of Metamora

Honorable John Cummings - President
Phone: 309-367-4044

City of Minonk

Honorable John "Jack" Marcoline - Mayor
Phone: 309-432-2558

Village of Panola

Honorable Brian Tipler - President

Village of Roanoke

Honorable Mike Smith - Mayor
Phone: 309-923-7034

Village of Secor

Honorable Robert Wilkey - President
Phone: 309-744-2444

Village of Spring Bay

Honorable Dave Tilley - President
Phone: 309-822-8400

Village of Washburn

Honorable Steve Forney  - Mayor
Phone: 309-248-7222