Guidelines to Appeal Assessments

It is the responsibility of the Board of Review to ensure that all property in Woodford is assessed at 1/3 of its fair cash value. The Board of Review cannot accept an appeal based on taxes. The Board of Review has no jurisdiction over taxing district budgets.


Assessment appeals will be accepted 30 days from the date the County Assessment Office publishes the current year assessment changes in the local newspapers. No appeals may be filed against assessments shown on current tax bills. Current bills reflect prior year's values. Non-farm appeals may only be filed on assessed values relative to fair cash value or assessments that are deemed inequitable with comparable properties.

In filing the non-farm property assessment appeal you need to complete a PTAX-230 Non-Farm Property Assessment form and the Non - Farm Property Addendum.

Farm property appeals will require PTAX-227 Farm Property Assessment form and the Farmland Property Addendum.


Pursuant to the authority of the Property Tax Code 35 ILCS 200/9-5 the Board of Review has adopted the following rules of procedure: All non-farm appeals filed for review of assessments shall include as attachments any documentary evidence to be utilized in the support of your estimate of fair cash value.

It is also important to note that the value relationship of the land to the building improvements is necessary to establish the assessment for your property. A site value and the building improvement value should appear in those appeals including building improvements.

After Form Submittal

Once forms are submitted to our office, you will be notified by mail as to the status of the appeal and date and time of your hearing. If the submitted evidence is inadequate for a proposed revision of your assessment, a hearing will be scheduled. If you are unable to attend your hearing, your appeal may be decided based upon the information available at the time of filing. Hearings may be rescheduled, in the event you are unable to attend your scheduled date and time, and shall be rescheduled at the Board of Review discretion.

The Board of Review will not estimate your taxes for any subsequent tax bill nor will there be a refund on the present bill. The assessment appeal will affect your current assessed valuation for the real estate taxes to be rendered. A Board of Review notice of final decision may subsequently be appealed to the State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.


Questions regarding the filing of your assessment appeal may be addressed in the Supervisor of Assessments Office 309-467-3708.